How to pick a freelance writing niche

What freelance writing niche should I pick? This question has been running through my head for several weeks now. All the experts emphasize the importance of finding a writing niche, of specializing and becoming an expert in a certain niche. Making money with freelance writing and blogging is highly influenced by the niche you pick. A tough decision to make! To help you come up with lots of great niche ideas, I’ll share some handy tips from writing experts that helped me to pick a niche.

Tips for finding freelance writing niches

For choosing a writing niche, I had some helpful tips from a few successful freelance writers:

  • Jorden from Writing Revolt explains that you need to choose something that you’re knowledgeable about or are willing to learn a lot about.
  • Jorden and Carol Tice (from Make a Living Writing) both agree that it’s best to choose one niche to focus your marketing strategy on but as a safeguard, it is better to have some secondary niches as well.
  • Carol advises to just start writing on different topics. You’ll notice soon enough which topics you like. For coming up with potential niches, think about:
    • Your hobbies (past and present)
    • Subjects of your interest
    • Jobs you have had in the past
    • Subjects you have studied beyond high school level
    • Unique experiences
  • You can also specialize in different types of writing, such as web content and blogs, sales copy for websites, product descriptions, ebooks, technical manuals, white papers, case studies, annual reports, speeches and more.
  • When coming up with blog niche ideas, Carol advises you to think of meeting the primal needs of your readers. Ask yourself if you want to help them a) save or make more money, b) be healthier, and c) feel happier. A combination of these three is also possible, of course.
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My writing niche: nomadic family travel

With these tips in mind, I started brainstorming. What am I really interested in? What is a topic I cannot stop talking about? The answer was very easy: about traveling with my family. And not the regular family holiday, but specifically, the nomadic traveling lifestyle we had a taste of last year.

If you’re new here, you can read about our digital nomad adventure on the about me page .

Is my niche idea profitable?

I started this blog to write about nomadic family travel and digital nomadism, but it never really occurred to me that this is a very concrete niche idea for freelance writing as well. I’m not entirely sure if there is a market for it, though. There are tons of other families already living this lifestyle, and blogging about it, and there are lots of families who are interested in becoming a digital nomad with kids. But do other blogs, websites, and magazines really want to pay me for writing about this topic?

There is only one way to find out! I need to write my ass off and start pitching. I’ll find out soon enough if there is money in that area. If it’s hopeless, I can always switch to another topic (I also have a master degree in HR and experience in payrolling, for example).

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Secondary freelance writing niches

I want to complement my primary niche (nomadic family travel and digital nomad family lifestyle) with some secondary niches like minimalism, location independent or remote working and roadschooling. These topics relate to living as a digital nomad family but will also give me a chance to pitch different types of clients.

What do you think of my chosen niches? Do you think it is profitable? And what is your writing niche?

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