Income report #5 | priorities changed

March was a strange month. Until half of March, I was all about setting up my freelance writing career and putting extra effort into my websites. Then something entirely different became a priority: establishing the business of my husband and me. So half way, I changed my goals, and it became a bit difficult to keep track of my targets. But l have been busy, and I’ve made some nice results, so I guess I made my time useful 😉

First digital nomad trip as a family of 4

Initially, we wanted to wait with setting up our business until my husband has more time. He currently works full time, and he complained about not having the energy to work during the evening for our business. This all changed during our trip to Switzerland.

It was our first trip as a family of four, and it felt like a major step towards traveling full time again. As some kind of final rehearsal. And it went amazingly well! Our kids are so easy going, even though our toddler got sick in the car and threw up 4 times. It was all super relaxed and fun.

Working and traveling flow

We worked, hiked, went to playgrounds, enjoyed the early spring weather and the beautiful sceneries of the so-called Baselland. And we worked hard! Literally every evening until past midnight.

My husband found his flow and was all whoop whoop let’s do this business thing together. So we had a good talk, and we decided to prioritize this instead of my websites.

Less time for blogging

This had a few consequences. First of all, I didn’t publish regularly. For Digital Nomad with Kids only 2 blog posts. I did write a series of three posts on my Dutch blog, but I posted them randomly through the weeks.

I do find this a difficult situation. I know it’s best to focus on setting up our business, that’s where the money will come in. But I have so many ideas for my blogs, and I want to implement them RIGHT NOW. You probably know the feeling, that you’re always lacking time. There are just too little hours in a day!

Last income report

So for now, less time for blogging. I want to use this available time to put more useful posts online, to focus on what helps you to become location independent. Although the income reports might be helpful in some way, I think there are better topics to discuss. This is, therefore, my last income report, for now. When there is more to tell, I’ll come back with details.

Let’s get to the March results now!

Freelance writing and blogging

I didn’t spend much time pitching for jobs. The focus is now on getting our business up and running. I did have a few jobs already though.

I’ll put the income and expenses of freelance writing and blogging together.

March Income

  • Freelance writing: €1049,90
  • Blogging: €7,75 (from affiliates, too little for the payment threshold)

This income is VAT excluded, but I have not yet deducted income taxes. I have no clue how much I’ll earn this year, but I keep 36,55% (the tax percentage for the lowest earnings in the Netherlands) aside for taxes.

March Expenses

  • Grammarly Premium €6,75
  • SBBI Mastermind group €92,82
  • Domain name registration and hosting €17
  • Subscription KeySearch €9
  • Sharon’s book How to make money blogging €25

Time spent

In March, I worked a total of 139 hours which is an average of 35 hours per week. Not really part time anymore, but I’m managing 🙂

Time spent Income report 5

The label ‘Other’ is a few hours of administration. It’s more than average because it was time to fill the annual taxes. ‘Joona’ is the label for our business. As a comparison, April is only 11 days in and Toggle has already tracked 32 hours for Joona. So our company is prio now.

Average hourly fee freelance writing

I’ve spent 51,5 hours on freelance writing, and my income was €1049,90.

With 51,5 hours spend on freelance writing, my hourly fee is €20,39

This is an increase of €1 per hour. Okay, I know, not that impressive, but it’s an increase, and I’m happy with it. Especially since I didn’t put much effort into getting new (higher paying) jobs. Or maybe I’m just getting smarter and more skilled in getting work done.

Digital Nomad with Kids – results

Let me be clear: I’m growing my blog very inefficiently. I need to refocus, and now that I have less time to spend on blogging, I definitely need to prioritize some more. It’s a never ending circle it seems…

Here are the results. As you can see, not impressive. Let’s hope there is more to tell later this year.

December 2016 January 2017 February 2017 March 2017
DA (MOZ) 13 13 13 13
Hours spend  11  30 58 42
Page views  281  665 1017 924
Income  €0  €0 €0 €0
Twitter followers  1249  1505 1935 1794
Pinterest followers 77 78 86 101
Facebook followers 29  37 46 54
Instagram followers +/- 30 107 155 200
Email list subscribers  2 2 4 26

Samen de Wereld Ontdekken – results

Because I stopped using Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram for this blog, I removed these rows from the table. My main focus for this blog is Facebook and Google. And I’m happy that my organic traffic through Google is increasing.

 December 2016 January 2017 February 2017 March 2017
DA (MOZ) 13 13 15 15
Hours spend  42  23 23,5 19
Page views  2295  3505 2761 2347
Income €0  €10.25 €37.19 €7.75
Facebook followers  401 413 428 439
Email list subscribers  169  169 168 168

Goals of 2017

For the rest of the year, I’ve set some general goals. I start working with an accountability partner this week (all credits to Martine Ellis for the idea!), so I’ll discuss the specific targets with my “AP”.

  • Keep earning around €1000 per month with freelance writing. I don’t think this will be a problem.
  • Finishing the website for our business in April. Start attracting clients, get the thing rolling 🙂
  • Continue working on my websites Samen de Wereld Ontdekken en Digital Nomad with Kids. I’ll publish regularly but won’t fuss about it if I don’t publish every week.

More posts about location independence

That’s it for now. No more income reports until maybe later this year. Then I know for sure I’ve more things to tell, especially about our business.

For this blog, I’ll focus on writing more helpful posts about becoming and being location independent. Because that’s how I can help you more.

Good luck with finding your remote income. Even though my income is not massive, and I know there are people out there making a lot more money with blogging and working online, but I hope you were inspired by my stories either way 🙂

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