Our 2017 travel plan: traveling indefinitely through Europe with baby and toddler

It is not a secret that we have plans to continue our digital nomad lifestyle. We are currently in the Netherlands because of our newborn baby. I wanted to deliver her here in our home country so that’s why we traveled back.

In November, our baby girl Evi was born. All went very well. She is 9 weeks now and I can say we are completely used to our little family of four. It’s like she’s always been with us 🙂

Now we’re making plans for our next departure. Last year we traveled with our 1-year-old through Europa with a caravan. This was a big success so we want to continue this with 2 kids.

Tiny house on wheels

The biggest advantage of traveling with a trailer is that you have your own little space. It’s like having a tiny house on wheels.

For kids (and grown ups too) this gives a sense of stability. They have their own bed and wherever we park our caravan, their beds stay in the same spot.

So much to see in Europe

Last year, we traveled through Belgium, France, Spain and Portugal. We spend most of our time in the south of Europe. Even though we’ve spent months in Andalucia and the Algarve, there are still a lot of places we want to visit.

Therefore, we want to continue traveling through Europe. I recently published a blog post about our travel wish list. As you can see, Croatia, Spain, Ireland, Greece, and Switzerland are high on our wish list.

And although we’re off to see more of Europe the next few years, other places in the world are also on our list. Like road tripping through Australia and the US, and slow traveling through SEA. But first Europe 😉

Workaway and WWOOF

My husband is very much into self-sufficiency, sustainability and living off the grid. He wants to learn more about it and experience this way of life for real. So we have plans to stay at a Workaway or WWOOF spot.

Of course, these places need to be kid-friendly but after reading about it online I think there are lots of hosts with children welcoming traveling families to stay a while.

Socialization on the road

When we were traveling last year, we were mostly by ourselves. My parents visited a few times, my sister traveled along with us for 2 weeks, and we had the occasional small talk on campsites, but besides this, we didn’t have any moments of socialization.

We didn’t really miss it at that time, though. Our 1yo was too young to experience homesickness. Our way of life was just the way it was for him. He enjoyed it very much when there were children around, but when we were just with the three of us, that was OK too.

Meet other traveling families

My husband and I needed all our energy to get used to living in a caravan and setting up our business. In al those months, there were only a few moments where we thought it would have been nice to have some friends nearby. But now, it’s different.

We know what we can expect when we leave again and we would love to meet other traveling families. Also, our oldest is 2 years old now and really likes to play with other kids. We intend to actively hook up with other traveling families.

It will be a logistical challenge to meet them but we will make it work.

Playing with a Spanish friend on a campsite in Spain

Playing with a Spanish friend on a campsite in Spain

First things first

Before we can leave again, there are some things that we need to fix first. The most important thing is my physical state. I experienced severe pelvic instability last year. The last three months, I needed crutches and could barely walk.

Since giving birth, I don’t need the crutches anymore so that’s a big improvement. But I am not yet recovered. Far from. So I am taking it very very slow and we get lots of help from my parents. Since I cannot lift our 2yo, we need all the help we can get.

Let’s talk money

Another big thing is money. When we were traveling last year, we had lots of savings that we used to live from. Meanwhile, we were setting up our own business.

We are now one year ahead and when we leave again we want to live from our monthly income instead of our savings.

As you can see in my latest income report, there is some progress but not enough.

Renting our house

In summer 2015, we sold our house before we left. When we came back in the Netherlands last year, it appeared to be very difficult to find a new affordable place. In the end, we bought a house.

This time, we want to rent our house to another family. This will compensate for the costs of our house and gives us the opportunity to easily return to the Netherlands if that’s necessary. We might sell the house in a couple of years, though, but for now, we keep it. So that’s the third requirement: finding trustworthy renters for our house.

Trial run in Switzerland

As you can see, we are not there yet. We need to arrange some important things first, but we are motivated, full of energy and we just know we can make it happen.

When I’m a bit more recovered, enough so I can take care of two kids for like half a day without needing any help, then we will take a trial run first. We first like to visit family in Switzerland which is only a 7-hour drive.

Camping in France

If this goes well, we want to take the caravan for a spin in the north of France. I hope for a few weeks in April and May because it will be nice and sunny there already.

I can barely wait to travel again! Oh, I wish my spine was already healed so we could leave earlier. But it is what it is, so for now, we enjoy all the beauty winter in the Netherlands has to offer (a bit of sarcasm here) and prepare for our next adventure.

What are your travel plans for this year?

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