Are you dreaming of a location independent lifestyle? Full time traveling with your family, going where ever the sun and the WiFi brings you?

You might think that living like a digital nomad is only for the 20something. It is a bit harder to set up such a nomadic lifestyle when you have a family, but it is still possible!

Even better: living nomadic with your kids is wonderful! It is amazing to see how your children explore the world truly open minded.

Want this but not sure how to design such a life? No worries, I got you covered.

We have been working location independent for almost two years now, all the while traveling with our baby through Europe. Our oldest is now a toddler and we’ve added a newborn to our family. We’re back on the road with two kids, working remote from anywhere. I’ve written a helpful ebook for you, so you can read all about how to become a digital nomad yourself.

And the best part? The ebook is FREE!