We are a digital nomad family of 4: mommy Nanouk, daddy Joost, toddler Roan and newborn baby Evi. I love this location independent lifestyle so much that I want to help you set it up too!

Before we started traveling full time, we were living the ‘normal’ suburban life with a house, job and the occasional 2-week holiday. We got more and more frustrated with this life, so we decided to make a few drastic changes.

Can you relate to this frustration? Is this you and your family at this moment, trying hard to keep up with the rat race and having almost no quality time with your family? There is hope!

In the summer of 2015, we sold our house and quitted our day jobs, ready to live a location independent lifestyle with our then 9-month-old son.

We left The Netherlands in September, just before it turned cold. We traveled through Belgium, France, Spain and Portugal with an RV, moving from campsite to campsite. Moving very slowly, we had the time to adjust to our new lifestyle, to set up our own business and to enjoy the quality time we now had as a family.

Living as a digital nomad family with kids is wonderful. It has its drawbacks, that’s for sure, but after experiencing it first hand, we cannot imagine living the 9-to-5-life again.

Is this the life you dream of too? I would love to help you developing this digital nomad lifestyle with your family!

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