Review Camping Serro da Bica in Portugal

Camping Serro da Bica is a small and charming campsite in Portugal. It is located near Ourique in the north of the Algarve. When thinking of the Algarve, you probably get a vision of beaches and sun all year long, but in the north of the Algarve, the temperatures drop during winter months. We stayed here for two weeks in December and although it was cold, we had a very good time.

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We especially liked campsite Serro da Bica because of the beautiful area. It’s great for hikers! Also, the WiFi on this campsite is a-ma-zing. The owner takes the WiFi connection very serious so it’s fast and reliable. A big plus for location independent workers, right? 🙂

In this review of camping Serro da Bica, I’ll explain to you why this campsite is such a great place for location independent families traveling with an RV.

Let’s start with the basic, but most important features of the campsite: its pitches, facilities, activities, and – of course! – the WiFi.

Pitches of Camping Serro da Bica

Camping Serro da Bica is tiny and has only around 12 pitches (they can harbor 40 people). The campsite is very rural and naturally build, so there is no standard pitch size. For both large and small vehicles, there is enough room, though.

You can easily miss the access road. If you are nearby on the IC 1, drive very slowly, so you don’t drive by it. There is no sign, but just watch the rocks on the roadside (on your right if you come from the north, on your left if you come from the south) and look for the name of the campsite written there with white paint.

Sanitary facilities

There is one brand new sanitary building on top of the hill. The campground is small, so the sanitary building is close to all the pitches. Although, you do need to climb the hill. The toilets and sinks are clean, and the showers cabins are huge.

Sanitary facilities for children

There are no special sanitary facilities for children, but there is lots of space to put a baby bath in the shower cabin.

Kids club & other facilities

There is no swimming pool, no kids club, and no activities for children. But there is a large field where kids can play freely.

The owners offer a bread service in the morning. From Monday to Saturday you can get fresh bread. You have to order it the previous day, but the owner will remind you in the afternoon.

Unique is the daily drink at the self-made bar. At 5 pm the owner rings a bell and like little Pavlov dogs every camper joins the owner in his cabin which he transformed into a bar. He puts on the fire to warm the cabin and beer is only €1. Of course, you are not obliged to go 😉 We went every other day and took our baby in his highchair with us. We enjoined the conversations with all the other guests a lot!


The internet is one of the reasons why we stayed here for two weeks (despite the terrible cold): there was perfect WiFi. The owner thinks it is crucial to offer good WiFi, and he does everything in his power to make this work. Even though Camping Serro da Bica is small, he has installed three (!) WiFi spots. Our trailer was next to one, and the WiFi was very fast. It was heaven on earth for this digital nomad family 😉

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Camping Serro da Bica is located in such a lovely place! It is surrounded by beautiful hills, and it is an ideal location for hiking. Some regular campers have outlined a few hiking trails, so if you are afraid to get lost, go check the itineraries on the table in the cabin and start walking!

When hiking with children, you can take the easy roads by following the cart tracks. If you and your family are in an adventurous mood, you can also go on the small trails through the bush. Make sure you all wear hiking boots with coarse soles because you will climb up and down over big rocks.

Also nearby is the town of Ourique, Castro Verde (a bird sanctuary), Serra de Monchique (we haven’t visited this place, but we heard from lots of people that it is a beautiful town and has great hiking and bird watching possibilities) and the very touristic place Albufeira.

Fees for Camping Serro da Bica

For two adults, a car, caravan, and a pitch with electricity, the fee is €18 per night in high season (yes, this is very cheap!). For two adults, a camper and a pitch with electricity you will pay €17 per night. Children under 12 cost you €2,50 per night.

During low season (from the first of November till the first of March) you receive a discount of 20%. The ACSI CampingCard is not accepted, but that is not a problem since the fee is already very low.

!! Update: Campsite Serro da Bica is for sale and therefore closed since autumn 2017. I sincerely hope they find new buyers soon because this campsite is such a wonderful place that we definitely want to visit again.

I did my best to find the accurate prices and facility information, but I cannot guarantee the correctness of it due to any price changes, errors in the camping website or changes on the camping itself. I added info from our experience, which is of course very subjective. Therefore, no right may be derived from the information given 

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