How to make your RV baby and toddler proof

RVing with little kids sometimes means you have to improvise. At least, we had to when we were looking for an RV to buy. When our plan to travel Europe unrolled, we had a pretty good idea of our perfect RV. We searched the internet and found several possible vehicles that suited our needs. But we still had to make some changes.

Our wish list when buying an RV

We were searching for an RV with the following features:

  • A fixed (French) double bed
  • A bunk bed
  • Large enough to ‘live’ comfortably in
  • Awning
  • Maximum of 1800 kg

Although we did find the perfect RV that met our wish list, we still had to make some alterations to make the RV baby (and later on) toddler proof.

Baby travel cot in an RV

The first changes we had to make, involved getting a baby travel cot in it.

Since there was no room for a baby travel cot, we removed the little seat and table at the end of the RV. It left an empty back end, but the baby travel cot didn’t fit because the folding screen couldn’t be closed. Therefore, my husband had built a ‘chair leg’. Three legs of the baby travel cot fitted on the storage box and the fourth leg rested on the handmade leg.

Very jumpy baby

Our baby slept like a darling in his baby travel cot! After a few weeks, though, he discovered he could jump in his bed as well. From that moment, we woke up every morning hearing this squeaking noise. We tried to get him out of that habit, but he couldn’t resist the temptation of jumping in his bed.

In conclusion: the handmade leg worked excellently, but the squeaking noise was annoying 😉

Toddler proof RV

Then our baby turned into a very busy and curious toddler. We had to take some precautions, such as

  • placing child locks on several cabinets (especially the one with the big knives)
  • buying an awning with zippers on top (instead of at the bottom)
  • and, making his bed extremely toddler proof

Baby and toddler proof bunk bed

When we bought our RV, we were already taking into account that there would be two kids in the equation. Hence, the bunk bed. However, bunk beds are not really safe for babies and toddlers so we had to make some adjustments.


Both in the bottom and the upper bed is a window that can be easily opened by our toddler. When he was 1,5 yo, he was playing in the bottom bed and we had to pull him back when he was already half way through the window. So when his little sister was born and he had to sleep in the upper (!) bed, we knew we had to take some serious action regarding the windows. So my husband removed the frames of the windows completely and placed (thin) wooden boards in front of it.


For both baby and toddler, we needed to make sure they couldn’t fall out of their bed. We placed a safety net in front of their beds so it’s completely sealed. It at times feels we lock up our toddler up but there is a quick release system with little hooks at the side.

Here are a few options for bunk bed protection:

Hiccapop Convertible Crib Toddler Bed Rail Guard with Reinforced Anchor Safety

BABY JOY Bed Rails for Toddlers, 59‘’ Extra Long, Swing Down Bed Guard w/Safety Straps for Convertible Crib

Hiccapop Foam Bed Bumpers for Toddlers,  Bed Rails with Water-Resistant Cover for Kids


And the rest is simply educating. Our toddler now knows what he is allowed to do and touch. It took some time to say no to a few things (like hanging on handles of cabinets and turning on the micro wave) but he knows now.

He doesn’t always listen though, but that’s normal toddler behavior 😉

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